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Borns the new Inoxking S.r.l. as an indipendent company, always based in Vazzola (TV) which continues to work closely with Precetti S.r.l. and Precetti Inc, also strongly related to the company partner Metalinox S.r.l.



Until 2011 the development of Precetti SpA and then directly of production carried out by Inoxking S.r.l. is constantly growing, providing furnitures for important projects both nationally and internationally.
In 2012 there are however first serious signs of change in the new buildings business in Italy. Multiple reasons lead to the dissolution of the group Precetti SpA, from which arise leaner companies to offer continuity to the service offered to its customers for decades.



Inoxking S.r.l. is incorporated in Precetti S.p.A.



Precetti S.p.A. and Inoxking Srl move headquarters of Conegliano (TV) to the new plant in Vazzola (TV), modern and functional with 8000 square meters covered and 10,000 square meters outdoor.



Precetti S.p.A. moved the headquarters of San Vendemiano to Conegliano (TV), joining Inoxking S.r.l.



Along with some operating members and the Gribaudi Industries SpA, was founded in Conegliano (TV) the Inoxking Srl, to expand the production of marine catering furniture due to the increasing request registered by Precetti S.p.A., italian company working in the marine catering business.

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